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Music4Heart April Newsletter

Updated: May 10, 2022

Andrew Choi

As unfortunate as the circumstances were, our April virtual concert was a fun way around in-person concerts. Because we recorded instead of performed, there was less stress on the performing aspect that in-person concerts have. Although performing in front of a live audience is always much more personal than having a recording in a video, I think the virtual concert worked well enough to still have a similar impact of spreading our music making and our hard work. I think putting together the virtual concert, especially during COVID 19, was a fun way to interact while also creating something for our community.

Chloe Jeon

Although COVID-19 clearly posed many challenges, I also see it as an opportunity to open our eyes to try something new. A problem arose; we found a solution. We can’t do in-person concerts; we switched to doing virtual concerts. Of course, that in turn produced more problems, but we solved them one by one to produce a finished piece: our very own virtual concert, uploaded to YouTube for the first time. And in the end, all our hard work paid off. Having seen how much viewers enjoyed our first performance, we are now motivated to continue giving what we can to our community.

Erin Yang

In all my time playing the piano, a virtual concert like this was definitely a first. It was actually quite a pleasant experience to record the piece at home because I wasn’t as nervous and had the luxury of being able to try again if necessary. As the great Vladimir Horowitz once said, “If you want me to play only the notes without any specific dynamics, I will never make one mistake. Never be afraid to dare.” I definitely focused a lot on implementing rubato into the song and trying to achieve greater variation in my dynamics, and I think those did help

my piece. This is a fun way to interact with my friends a bit even during quarantine, and it's even better that it’s all for a good cause! All in all, I’m very satisfied that our concert, albeit virtual, could have a direct impact towards raising money for PPE.

Ella Jeon

Dealing with COVID-19, it was interesting to find methods to work with the struggles of quarantine, and put together a virtual concert. The preparation for the video was definitely long and not easy, but it turned out better than I’d expected. On the other hand, the safely-distanced packaging session was easier, as we worked on wrapping the items that would be delivered as donations to those in need of such protective equipment. While I look forward to next month’s video, I still hope the COVID-19 situation will improve soon to the point where the shelter-in-place order is lifted.

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