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Music4Heart 2021 Wrap up Newsletters

Updated: May 10, 2022

I came a bit early to our December concert, and decided to start practicing my piece on the piano, as there was nothing better to do. After playing my Bach a few times, I let loose and improvised more “fun” pieces. Fly Me to the Moon, movie and video game soundtracks, and any other random song I could think of. It was really nice just sitting there by myself, playing songs I enjoyed. But then a guest walked in and asked if they could watch. And though it immediately gave me a dose of nervousness, how could I refuse? Luckily, the fear only lasted a few minutes, as I realized I was simply providing pleasant background music for our Creekview guests. Music4heart has allowed me to find joy in playing for others, whether it’s a grandiose performance or relaxing background music. I’m so thankful for the various facilities we’ve performed at for giving us these opportunities, and I’m excited to continue giving back while having fun at the same time.

-Erin Yang

As the year of 2021 comes to a close, I am brought to a point of reflection on all our concerts and the experiences we’ve built in Music4Heart. I’ve realized that these concerts are not just a volunteer service or even just an entertainment for seniors. It really goes beyond that; we’ve seen it in the reactions of the people we’ve met throughout our journey. It has become more than just playing well and thanks and gratitude, with the knowledge that we’ve been able to move the hearts of people who we have only once crossed lives with. I think these memories are ones that I won’t be able to forget and will always carry with me as I move forward into the new year of 2022.

-Ella Jeon

Looking back to the few performances I’ve been a part of in 2021, I feel very satisfied and thankful for this opportunity to be a part of Music4Heart. Because I didn’t have too much experience in performing in front of an audience, I usually felt somewhat anxious, but as I listened to the other performances, I felt very reassured that I would do well. I think what really makes these performances so enjoyable is seeing the seniors focused on the music. It feels very heartwarming to know that the seniors really do in fact enjoy listening to us play. The seniors have been so encouraging and have always taken the time to thank us, which I am so thankful for.

-Hannah Lee

Before the concert, I was nervous because I felt that I was going to screw up in front of everyone(I did). But knowing that if I kept going, it wouldn't be as noticeable, so I just pulled through. After the concert, I was relieved and excited to hear everyone else’s performances. I liked the reactions from the audience because they were all very supportive and encouraging. One of my favorite memories is when a senior told me to keep it up and to keep making music.

-Soyeon Park

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