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February Newsletter : The First Step of Our Journey

Updated: May 10, 2022


February Volunteer Concert was held at The Parkview Senior Living on 02/17/2020

Today, our first performance, was a great learning experience. We all persevered despite our nervousness, and by trying our best, we were able to deliver a small package of joy to the seniors. I truly enjoyed watching their faces light up with joy and excitement as we played for them, and I’d like to spread those feelings to more people of all ages and situations. Although the performance wasn’t perfect, for a first try, I am greatly satisfied with how it went. I am excited to continue to improve in our music-making, performing, and speaking skills, and I look forward to our next performance, where we will be delivering our love for music to adorable preschoolers.

Written by Chloe Jeon

Playing for the people at the volunteer concert gave me a feeling that the music I was making in front of those people was being appreciated and that made me feel grateful. After playing through my piece, many of them were smiling and look at one another and it reminded me why I loved playing the instrument. The joy and happiness I was able to give to them through the concert made me feel grateful that I was able to introduce those emotions to them in the moment. A lady even approached me afterwards and told me that her son used to play an instrument too and that she greatly enjoyed the music and from that, I understood that the program had really connected with her and with the others in the audience.

Written by Andrew Choi

Playing for the senior center was an incredible experience.Although, it was nerve-wracking before I began to play. Playing music really puts the tension on you, especially when it's for other people's benefit. As I heard the seniors fall silent, a warm and fluttering feeling gradually enveloped my body. Being there right at that moment felt astonishing. The pressure lightened after playing my songs because I knewthat music brought joy to the seniors. Hearing the seniors clap after each of my pieces made my confidence build every second, which resulted in the best feeling in the world. 

Written by Ella Jeon

Inspiring others with my music has always been a big part of my commitment as a musician. Today, I received the opportunity to do just this, by performing a piece on my violin to seniors. I've been taught much from the experience and I look forward to being able to try again, learn from my mistakes, and continue to inspire more people, young and old. Having this chance to share music with others truly encouraged me to pursue my goals, as both a young musician and an ordinary person hoping to make a difference.

Written by Lauren Tran

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