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Chloe Jeon (12th Amador Valley High School)

From holding a fundraiser to donating to Dimond Care in Oakland and Julie’s Care Home in San Francisco, July was filled with new beginnings, opportunities, and paths for our organization. This month marked the start of our efforts to fundraise by selling masks. Our fundraising event involved lots of work creating signs, tables, posters, videos, and of course, the masks we were going to sell. However, the hours we spent both before and during the event paid off, and in more ways than just the funds we raised. This new effort to raise money simultaneously allowed us to give more people access to PPE (especially our cotton masks), thus accomplishing two goals at once! It was an excellent starting point that paved the way for our online store, another new endeavor that has worked out better than we had originally planned. Additionally, we donated to Dimond Care for the first time. It’s always wonderful to see familiar faces like the Parkview Senior Center, especially when seeing those faces means that the recipients enjoyed our masks so much that they wanted more. However, it’s also great to reach out to a broader range and distribution of people, as well, and I am so glad we got to donate to these two facilities this month. Finally, after the busyness of June, we were able to put together another virtual concert for everyone watching our YouTube channel! It was fun being able to go back to this familiar routine in the midst of all this new. I’m grateful for both the new and the familiar opportunities and experiences we had this month, and I’m excited for what the future has in store for us in the coming months.

Andrew Choi (12th, Amador Valley High School)

July was a busy month, especially in terms of trying new things out for EBPPE. Earlier in the month, we tried out a fundraising campaign by starting a store with masks, ear savers, and hand soaps. The event went well and we would consider it a success. One thing that we had to consider this month is the continuation of our benefit concerts. We have been preparing our pieces for a video each month and we have been thinking about getting more viewership on our benefit concerts especially with the ongoing effort it takes to choose a piece, practice it, and edit the video. We have started brainstorming ideas to do different things with our music, not just benefit concerts but maybe we could start looking into rehearsing bigger pieces together in person (socially distanced, of course), but nothing is certain for now. We also participated in a farmers market booth for a senior living home and donated PPEs to passersby. It was a pretty relaxing event while we casually handed out PPEs and had small interactions with people. It was enjoyable and I was glad that we were able to volunteer for the group, especially since they were also participating in the previous events for donating PPEs. Helping them again in this situation was enjoyable and being able to volunteer for more organizations like them was rewarding.

Ella Jeon (8th, Pleasanton Middle School)

This month was busy, but exhilarating. We put much effort into many factors of our organization, including a fundraising website. There was much effort put into building the website itself and taking the pictures of the different designs to upload. I was able to talk to some of our customers, discussing dates, designs, and sizes of the products they were planning on buying. It made me happy to see our products were selling well, and grateful to see so many people willing

to help support our cause, helping to fund us. I think the fundraising website was a great part of this month and has really made a difference in our organization. Another big part of this month was a volunteer event at the farmer’s market. There we met some of the fellow volunteers we had worked with in the previous month, at the other big volunteer event with packaging PPE and delivering in a drive-thru format. They were very kind and welcoming, talking to us warmly and making pleasant conversation throughout our hours together. As for our main purpose in the volunteer session, we would offer bags of PPE and cold ice water. The PPE bags were mainly for the seniors and the waters were offered to everyone. It was a scorching hot day and the heat was hard on everyone. It was great to be able to help other people out in that heat, especially since we were all working hard together. Finally, we also had another Music For Heart concert, which was great. I look forward to what creative and unique ideas we may be able to come up with for future concerts!

Erin Yang (11th, Mission San Jose High School)

This past month has a lot of new changes, which was really great. We started the EBPPE fundraiser store which I think was the biggest accomplishment of the month, and also attended some PPE donation events. We also had our July concert as usual. I think one thing we should do is to try and spread word about the benefit concerts more because we worked really hard to perform these songs, so it's kind of a waste of our time and energy if only a few people get to see them. Or perhaps instead of just a concert every single month, which gets boring, we could make music videos with a purpose. For example, relaxing music soundtracks or maybe movie music medleys. There was also the idea of story telling with music for sound effects in the background, which is something interesting to think about. I think something like that would be a lot harder to arrange though, since we'd have to set up a meeting with certain kids to be the audience, which might get even harder as we go back to school. At the ombudsman booth where they gave out free PPE to seniors, I had fun despite the intense heat. It feels really nice seeing people thankfully accept the PPE we offer and the lively atmosphere of the event made everything quite pleasant. One of the people from elegance living also offered us soft serve which I appreciate very much. At the event, they also asked us some questions about our reasons for volunteering and our plans for the future and it really made me think about what our goal was before and is now, and whether it changed at all. I think at the very root of it, we volunteer because we have the privilege of being able to and the benefits of doing so, even if they aren't material, greatly outweigh the costs.

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Due to the Alameda County COVID-19 surge,

we opened this online fundraiser instead of

continuing to hold in-person fundraiser


go to the online fundraiser

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Thank you for your generosity to EBPPE and Music4Heart! Through your donations, we can do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. We are grateful for your support!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. Thank you.

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Chloe Jeon (12th Amador Valley High School)

June definitely flew by this year. We were all over the place, trying to get donations here and donations there, and bam! Now it’s July. But as quickly as it came and went, I still feel that we got a lot done and tried a lot of new things. Since EBPPE was founded, we’ve stuck with the familiar: reach out to a facility, arrange a date to meet up, give them PPE, repeat. Now, all that was great, and we were able to get so much PPE to so many facilities, but in June, we tried something different. Something bigger. By collaborating with Creating New Hope, Ombudsman Services, and other organizations in a PPE drive, we were able to collect so much PPE and reach so many organizations in such little time, while also meeting others who are, like us, passionate about helping the community. Oddly enough, my favorite part was packing the PPE into bags. The anticipation that people would be coming to receive the very same PPE I was holding in my hands and the idea that my actions would be able to save lives filled me with an indescribable feeling that motivated me to keep going. And in the end, it was definitely worth it. Although we were unable to put together a virtual concert, I am glad we were able to put so much effort and focus into distributing PPE and doing what we could to help those afflicted by COVID-19.

Andrew Choi (12th, Amador Valley High School)

As COVID-19 continued, we continued reaching out to different hospices in different areas, as well as places where we have already donated to. We visited Parkview in Pleasanton again to donate more PPEs, as well as Hope Hospice, a center in Dublin. Furthermore, this month was the first time that EBPPE partnered with another organization to collect and distribute PPEs. Together with Creating New Hope, we packed PPEs together in packages and distributed them to facilities in Alameda County through a drive-thru event. As always, the facilities and centers we donated to this month were always very appreciative and I was glad that we were able to donate to new locations and expand our reach to different parts of the county. Although we weren’t able to put together a virtual concert this month, I still feel that we made an impact with our donations and time packing equipment for distribution. In the future, hopefully we can continue to partner with organizations and help more centers and facilities, while also finding the time to put together a virtual concert.

Erin Yang (11th, Mission San Jose High School)

June was a pretty busy month! We donated to a lot of different places and unfortunately were too busy to put together a benefit concert. However, I think we reached a few important milestones in terms of donating; we’ve donated over 1000 disposable masks and are only 50 away from 1500 as well as over 250 reusable masks and 100 ear adjusters. This month we actually collaborated with Creating New Hope during their PPE drive and we went there early in the morning to pack PPE. It felt genuine and heartwarming knowing that our donations and contributions could actually save lives, especially as we could hand the PPE to the recipients themselves. I actually enjoyed the process of packing the PPE much more than I would have imagined; I think it felt fun because it was somewhat akin to real work that makes an impact, which I have very limited experience in. The wonderful realization that we were actually making a difference really hit when we could see smiling faces through tinted car windows, when we would pack extra masks in each bag (because why not! We have the PPE to spare!), when we would send them off with a wave and a big grin. And seeing our contact’s grateful thanks is always a pleasure, but I just felt that appreciation even more when we could put the PPE that we worked hard to acquire/make directly into their hands.

Ella Jeon (7th, Pleasanton Middle School)

While we were unable to post a virtual concert, we did get to donate PPE many different groups. It felt great to see their reactions, and made me feel happy knowing we were able to help people who were in need of such equipment. I feel that their gratefulness and appreciation really reached us, and also motivated us to continue with our cause. Moreover, another highlight of this month was being able to work with Creating New Hope, and join them during the PPE distribution down in Dublin. With safety precautions, we spent much time together, arranging many, many bags of masks, gloves, and other equipment, and spending the last hours passing them out to other organizations in the form of a drive-thru. I particularly enjoyed this experience, since it truly felt like an atmosphere filled with teamwork, as we all worked together to organize life-saving equipment for others. Even though most of us working there had never met each other before, we quickly became friendly and familiar with each other, as we shared the same purpose and cooperated nicely to service our community. In this sense, it occurred to me that while COVID-19 has undoubtedly brought many hardships and loss, looking on the bright side, it has brought us all together, as people all around the globe work to fight against the virus.

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